Aerodynamic and responsive, with total cable integration, shortened rear triangle and exclusive PAT technology. Handmade and custom-made in Italy, for those who want a versatile frame without compromising performance. 

Light, powerful, flowing: like a breath of wind. This is VENTO, the latest creation from the Italian brand TITICI. A frame that marks a new stage of evolution in cycling design and engineering: light and agile like a frame for the climb, aerodynamic and “clean” like a model for the final sprint. Characterised by the total integration of the cables and the patented PAT technology that combines performance and comfort in a revolutionary way. “Hand-crafted and made-to-measure in Italy – from the geometries to the choice of colours – it is extraordinarily pleasant to ride: both on the legendary Alpine passes and on the fast stretches of the plains. A high-performance and versatile frame that knows no compromises.

The difference can be felt from the very first moment. You only have to look at the front of the frame to appreciate the complete internal routing of the electronic and hydraulic wiring, resulting in precise lines, clean surfaces and greater aerodynamic penetration. A climbing frame that loves speed. 

The head tube with an increased section of 1 ½” gives a high precision and safety of driving, especially downhill and in fast corners. The shape is inspired by the TITICI F-RI02 model, the most aerodynamic frame in the Road range of the Italian brand.

VENTO is also available with the new TITICI handlebar, made entirely of carbon fibre, with an integrated stem system and aerodynamic shaping. The TITICI handlebar has been designed from the analysis of the cyclist’s posture, with a conformation that accommodates the natural position of the arms and increases comfort.

The entire VENTO frame is in carbon fibre, handcrafted using the PBW (Progressive Bandage Workmanship) system of wrapping the tubes with slow resins. The round down tube contributes to an elegant and essential look, and the rear stays have been redesigned with a lowered linkage on the seat tube to increase responsiveness on climbs and lateral stiffness, without compromising comfort.

Finally, the top tube has the unmistakable TITICI trademark: the PAT (Plate Absorber Technology), which allows to obtain a flat and ultra-thin shape (8mm at the junction with the seat tube: the thinnest top tube in the world) able to absorb up to 18% more vibrations than standard frames (according to tests conducted by the University of Parma) while maintaining a very high torsional stiffness. PAT represents the sublime meeting of performance and comfort, of racing spirit and naturalness of riding.

VENTO expresses TITICI’s construction philosophy in every detail. The wrapping method makes it possible to create a frame that is perfect to the millimetre, starting from the anthropometric data of the user. The integration between rider and bicycle becomes absolute, creating an even more aerodynamic and efficient system. 

The customisation offered by TITICI not only concerns the frame geometries, but also the colouring and graphics – including those of the TITICI handlebar and seatpost. VENTO is designed solely for systems with electro-mechanical brakes and groupset.